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Our Short Story


Our Mission / Goal

Our Mission is to give a piece of Puerto Rican culture to Philly and the surrounding areas. 


Los Bomberos de la Calle is here to preserve educate and serve the community with this vibrant, energetic and soulful music from Puerto Rico by collaborating with afterschool and in school programs as well as classes on the weekend for drumming and dancing.

This music is the music of the people and brings everyone together young and old.​


Los Bomberos De La Calle is a Musical Group who performs traditional and contemporary styles of Bomba & Plena music from Puerto Rico as well as jamming out at local parks for the community.                            We also offer many assemblies and workshops throughout the year.


We have been blessed to perform and share this soulful music at many events such as the annual Hispanic heritage festival in Philly, Mummers Parade in 2015, the annual feria de barrio festival, annual sugar cane festival, Kimmel center/songs left behind, The Mann center, and many more.


About Los Bomberos De La Calle

Call Or Text Us For More Information & Booking.

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